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Dissemination event in the port of Rijeka – 06/10/2015

On 6th October in 2015, a dissemination event of the EU project entitled “Development of North Adriatic ports multimodal connections and their efficient integration into the Core Network – NAPA studies“ and related press conference was held at the Port of Rijeka authority headquarters. The presentation started at 12,00 PM and involved representatives of the Ministry of finance of the Republic of Croatia, representatives of Primorsko –goranska county, City of Rijeka, members of Association of agents and forwarders, private terminals operators, and wide number of local and national media who got the opportunity to get informed of the results and benefits of the European project that completes in December in 2015.

As the press conference, the Executive director of the Port of Rijeka authority Mr. Vlado Mezak stated that this was one of projects being developed through the project of the Association of the North Adriatic ports (NAPA) and it was 50% financed by the EU funds that ammounted to 2, 8 million Euros. The Port of Rijeka Authority is the project leader with the partners of port of Koper, Port authorities of Trieste and Venice, Aspo di Chioggia, Systems Territoriali, Province of Mantova, University of Trieste, Traffic Institute Ljubljana, CEI (Central European Initiative) and RAM (the Italian Ministry of Transport).One of the benefits for local but also national economy is the project´s results i.e. technical documentation for designed and development projects for the purposes of construction of rail freight terminal in port of Rijeka within the strategic project of a new container terminal at the Zagreb pier.

The audience got the overall summary of the entire project presented by the project manager Mr Vojko Kocijan who provided more details of the project activities. The first relates to the railway and the preparation of studies, preliminary and detailed designs for the construction of new railway terminals and the development of the internal railway network in the ports of the northern Adriatic. These are followed by projects related to access to the sea, where it provides for preparing documentation for the further improvement of access to ports in Koper, and projects in the field of links with inland waterways, where the dominant connecting Venice port with inland waters. The last segment is the ICT, or the field of information and communication technologies, which foresees the implementation of a pilot project to improve interoperability with the European railway network and the development of intelligent transport systems. All these objectives should be met in December 2015, when the project completes with a contribution to a better cooperation between the ports of freight transport and inland terminals, and encouraging the integration of ports in the primary corridor network and rail network of freight corridors that cross the northern Adriatic. The Communication activity was introduced by Mr Alberto Cozzi from CEI. An interesting discussion concluded the presentation with examining further opportunities of European funding based on the results that arise from the project Development of North Adriatic ports multimodal connections and their efficient integration into the Core Network – NAPA studies.


  • 06-10-2015