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Croatian Railway Infrastructure

HŽ INFRASTRUKTURA d.o.o. (HŽ Infrastructure LLC ) is a limited liability company owned by the Republic of Croatia (100%). H? Infrastruktura is the infrastructure manager of railway infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia. HZI is responsible for managing, maintenance and development of railway infrastructure.
Railway infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia is a public good, owned by the Republic of Croatia, and can be used on equal terms by all interested railway undertakings, under conditions prescribed by the Railway Act (OG 123/03, 30/04, 153/05, 79/07, 120/08, 75/09).
The total length of the railway network in the Republic of Croatia is 2.722 km, out of which 2.468 km is single- track (90,66%), and 254 km is double-track (9,33%). A small share of double-track railways largely limits the transport capacity of particular railways. A part of 980 km of railway network has been electrified, out of which 977 km with AC 25 kW, 50 Hz, and 3 km of DC 3Kv. A various weight limits are applicable and expressed in tones per axle and tones per meters of length, depending on track capabilities to receive loads from vehicles on the railway network, Current status of railway infrastructure in Croatia allows traffic for vehicles of weight greater than 20 t/a, (up to 22.5 t/a), on 81.8% of total length of railways.
The existing railway network and infrastructure are the least developed aspects of the Croatian transport infrastructure, which reflects in numerous imperfections. Two major flaws are the lack of interconnection of individual parts of the Croatian territory, and the absence of the railway network between cities on the Adriatic coast and inland.

TEN-T NAPA studies Partners

TEN-T NAPA STUDIES project is implemented by twelve partners from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia:


Rijeka Port Authority

Croatian Railway Infrastructure

Luka Koper – Port of Koper

Prometni institut ljubljana d.o.o.

Trieste Port Authority

Venice Port Authority

Port of Chioggia

Sistemi Territoriali S.p.a

Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Trieste

Central European Initiative

Rete Autostrade Mediterranee S.p.a.

Provincia di Mantova